The autumn

The leaves look for falling roots, dancing between life and death. Sad, the empty branches promise to see each other again through the cold tears of the rain, and the shoots, screaming in pain, stretch out and meander through the wind. Like big butterflies, bleeding, other leaves begin to fly to heaven with tall grass burying them in the depths piles of pain and hope. And the clouds continue to wash grass and leaves, branches and trees. Melting leaf with drop, life with tears, new waters flowing to old roots. I walk through the forest of rusty words, I hide autumn in my soul, I am still looking for dreams lost in the grass … I am also another Eve waiting at the crossroads … I am a fugitive, smiling, without words sometimes, in pain when I feel the old trees shouting, clinging to me with long arms that are constantly branching and it hurts that I can no longer reach out and write to you in the sky how I feel … I discover autumn in my eyes and I look like a leaf … Better leaves and leaf dance, than empty branches that hurt the sky in an unanswered expanse.

© Lenuș Lungu


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