Tell me

Tell me if you have words
which fills the winter silence
tell me if you have a heart to know how to dream
on starry nights, on summer evenings
tell me if you know how to dry my tears
how to smile one day, how to live today
a huge silence that I feel in your soul
scenes closed in a silent film
the two of us out of the world
reciting an actor’s screenplay
I will lay my arms at the foot of the mountain of life
and I will slowly climb to the top
with hands clasped in prayer

thinking that morning
will bring good things.

© Lenuș Lungu



I drive away despair
I’m bleeding with longing
I’m trying to fly
my soul is cold
melt my soul
his eyes flow into smooth rivers
with tears you throw at me
the sea covers me with dark thoughts

the evening breeze dances under my feet
my kiss the seal of your heart.


Alung disperarea
sângerez de dor
încerc să zbor
sufletul mi-e ger năprasnic
topeşte-mi sufletul
ochii se varsă-n râuri line
cu stropi de lacrimi arunci în mine
marea mă acoperă de gândurile negre

adierea serii dansează sub tălpile mele
sărutul meu sigiliul inimii tale.

© Lenuș Lungu